Academy Cup
Dates 2015
> Sun 25 Jan (Spring)
> Sun 28 Jun (Summer)
> Sun 18 Oct (Autumn)
> Sun 20 Dec (Winter)
Check in Close
> U12 09:30
> U14 13:30
> U10 15:30
Seymour Leisure Centre
Seymour Place, W1H 5TJ,
+44 20 77238019
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> Boys Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
> Girls Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
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Parents Guide
Before the event
The most important is to go through your packing list. It is common to have forgotten an item of kit in the washing or it might have fallen out of the bag, be under the bed and so on. The best thing is to look at our list of kit in the rules section and check the night before.
Losing Fencing Kit
This is never a nice experience. Please make sure you check all your kit before you leave. However, what is even more important is that you name label every single item of kit with a tag in a visible location. This really makes a difference. Anyone who might have picked it up by mistake will know and if we find it we will know who it belongs to.
Arrival time and check in

Check in time is the last possible time to check in. It is recommended that you aim to check in 30mins before last check in time. You must have your BFA licence with you. Remember when you arrive your child will have to get changed get ready and so on. All this takes time and you must factor in the time needed for all this when planning your journey.

Getting ready
To reduce chaos, loss of kit and time wasting, we recommend that fencers arrive with their fencing socks, shoes and breeches already on. This way they do not need a visit to the changing room and this saves them so much time. This is also the time when kit gets lost. So why not arrive ready. Having said that, do not arrive fully kitted. This is because fencers need to warm up and stretch, this is not very comfortable in full kit.
Food and drinks
It is important that fencers remain hydrated throughout the day. This is why it is best that fencers have a water bottle with their name on it. Snacks are also not a problem as well as fruits. Food that is difficult to digest is not recommended.
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