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Dates 2015
> Sun 25 Jan (Spring)
> Sun 28 Jun (Summer)
> Sun 18 Oct (Autumn)
> Sun 20 Dec (Winter)
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> U12 09:30
> U14 13:30
> U10 15:30
Seymour Leisure Centre
Seymour Place, W1H 5TJ,
+44 20 77238019
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> Boys Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
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Ready for 2013

We are getting ready for a whole year of events for 2013. There are some new changes and improvements. The webiste has now been updated in full for the 2013 events. Please feel free to email us if you find any corrections.

This year the venue was undergoing refurbishment. As with all building contractors, the finish date did not seem realistic. Therefore we decided to cancel the first date and go ahead with the rest of the dates. This is why we only have three dates published.

We look forward to welcoming you again this year.

New For 2013
New Timetable

We have looked at the timing carefully and analysed all the dates for the last two years and found that we can improve our running time even further. By making changes to the timetable, the first check in time has moved an hour later to 9:30am. Also we are hoping that we can finish the U10 earlier. We are confident that we are able to run to our legendary timetable and oblige the parents' wishes at the same time. The new timetable we have produced will still allow for each fencer to fence in two age-groups.

Event Category Check in close Finish Time
Individual U12 09:30 14:30
Individual U14 13:30 18:30
Individual U10 14:30 18:30
Team (All age categories) 09:30 13:00
Introducing 2012
New For 2012
New Generation Score Boxes
Good News for parents, coaches and fencers of course. We have invested in a new generation of electronic score boxes. These new score boxes are all with remote control and show timing as well as score. This is currently the only score box in the World with a larger than usual in built lights. This will increase visibility and eliminate any errors in score keeping. We hope that you enjoy these new boxes.
New Video Referreeing Format
For the finals we are now offering a new format of video referreeing. Each finals will have two senior referees. A main referee and an assistant referee (similer to world cup events). Each fencer has three requests per match whether sucessful or not. The two referees will confer and they may change or uphold the decision.
New Team Category
We have now added a new team competiion category to the Sunday event. The U15 category will run at all the four AYC events this year. This year we will not have medals for the U15 but we will from next year.

Expanding for 2011

On behalf of the organising team, I would like to congratulate all the fencers, parents and coaches on a fantastic year of competition. In 2009, no fewer than 96 ranked fencers enjoyed a year of competition. Last year this number went up to 182 ranked fencers who enjoyed a good competition year. In 2009 we gave out £1,055.78 worth of cash prizes. Last year this increased to £1,624.60. This is almost double the number of fencers, more clubs and over 50% increase to cash prize money. These are very encouraging signs. It makes every one of us on the organising team enthusiastic to give more of our time to the running of this competition.

We constantly aspire to improve these competitions for you, the fencers, so that it gives the children a better and a more fulfilling experience. We do what it takes to bring you a good competition day and we are always listening to you. We do not hold back when the extra effort is needed, we do not stop short when the extra expense could make the difference and we are certainly not afraid of bringing in new and innovative changes that make good sense.

In return we ask for your patience and for your support. Help us run a smooth competition day and all the benefits will be there for you to enjoy.

New For 2011

As you can see we have put a huge amount of time and effort into to bring you these improvements. These have come after much testing and a lot of consultation. We ask coaches and parents to read this carefully and make sure they prepare and inform their fencers as appropriate. There is no change to the rules page, except that U14 may now use size 5 foils. Many thanks for your assistance and we wish you all a very good season.


Making it more fair

After analysing the performance of fencers at the competitions over the last two years we concluded that in some cases either weak or tough first round poules made the final results less representative of the the relative level of fencers, thus making it less fair. Therefore, in order to give a more fair distribution of experience between the poules, this year we will be seeding the poules by fencer ranking. This will make it fairer for the fencers and the poules will be more evenly spread. It will never be a perfect separation, but it will be as close as we can get.

1. The first round of poules will now be based on the ranking of the fencers.
2. We will not use the ranking positions but instead we will use the average of the current ranking points of every fencer. This way it will be more representative and it will still work well with the mixed round of boys and girls.
3. An average ranking point will be given to fencers at the beginning of the year based on their results from the previous year's ranking.
4. Fencers who move up an age group will carry their average ranking points up with them.

A new format for all standards

Over the last year or so, we have had various comments and some feedback from parents and coaches who are concerned that the current system gives less chance of enjoyment and development to fencers who are new and less experienced. Coaches do not necessarily want to take their fencers to a lower standard competition. But equally they do not want to risk the disappointment of a 10-0 DE fight result which has in cases discouraged fencers from competing all togather. So while less experienced children will benefit from the contact with more experienced fencers, they often feel disheartened and discouraged after a a washout DE fight. After testing, we have decided to run the competition on a multi-DE format for U10 & U12. It is felt that U14 fencers should be experienced enough and old enough. Therefore the U14 will run on a single DE format as per usual. The new multi-DE format for U10 & U12 will in effect mean that after the first round, the competition will be divided into many small competitions based on the results from the first round. With large poules and ranking based poules, this should give an accurate separation of levels. It is important that coaches and parents explain this to fencers clearly before the competition. The following link contains all the data collected and will make for a very interesting read. It is particularly interesting for coaches. Hopefully you will find it useful. << Data Analysis >>

For U10 & U12 Only

1. After the first round girls and boys will continue to be separated into two separate competitions.
2. The top eight fencers will be in group "A" competing for medals.
3. The following six seeded fencers will be in group "B" competing for position and ranking points.
4. The following six fencers will be in group "C" then "D" and so on.
5. Each group will be placed in an incomplete DE tableau of 8 and will complete all the matches in the tableau.
6. A final ranking will be established from combining the results of these mini DE tableaus without disturbing the original grouping order.

No off target system

Every sport has to adapt the game slightly to the best interests of the very young. After many years of observation and video testing, it is clear that young children often produce matches where the average time between 'fence' and 'halt' is less than 6 seconds. In these matches no right of way is established. It is simply who will miss first. In some cases there are many off targets. This is clearly encouraging disregard for right of way and accuracy. Often it is the case that no parry ripostes are deployed. It is simply attack together. When we noticed this happening at a couple of finals for under 10 and under 12, we felt strongly that something has to be adapted for the youngest of our fencers. When testing the no off target box, fencers where initially confused as to why their light did not come up. Happy or not, soon they made changes and started to step back out of the way, parry more and get more fencing time in. What we also discovered is that referrees were not numbed by the constant together call every 6 seconds and therefore were more observant, awake and interested. This meant that decision making was sharper and more accurate. This can only be good for the fencers. Therefore, we have invested in a new set of boxes reprogrammed electronically to accommodate the no off target, but leaving all the integral timings unaffected. Therefore, from this year we are introducing the no off target to the following categories only and we will revise it as necessary for next year. It is important that coaches and parents explain this to fencers clearly before the competition. We have all video analysis for this but we thought it would be inappropriate to show these videos which will include pointing out faults in styles of fecning of young fencers. But in due course we will find a way to show you the evidence in an appropriate manner, as we have done for the new format. << Data Analysis >>

1. Under 14 will run as normal throughout.
2. Only under U12 & U10 competitions will be run with no off target. This will be for the first round only.
3. All DE matches will continue as normal throughout.

Start & Finish Time

At the last of our series in 2011, we started all age groups on time. U14 has always caused us problems as fencers are not always there on time. We have also had fencers who turn up not fully registered. We will have to act more firmly on this.

1. This year we will start the U14 exactly on time. Last check in will be at 8:30am.
2. We have also reduced our finish time to 6pm. We hope to improve this further if possible.
3. No-one who has not fully booked in advance will be accepted on the day. Booking deadlines will be strictly adhered to.
4. The booking deadline will now be moved to 10am the Thursday morning before the competition. Therefore, no late entry is accepted and we will continue to be the only competition which does not charge a late entry fee.

Introducing 2010
New For 2010
Team competition U13
Another exciting addition this year is the team competition for fun and experience on the following day (Sundays). There are three categories. You can find full details and an application form on the menu above.
Two rounds combined
In 2009 we tested a new format of two combined rounds of pools for the U10, and one for the U12. It worked really well. This way you will never fence the same fencer in the second round. The competition ran a lot smoother and more fencing for everyone. So this year we are adopting this new format for all three categories.
Introducing 2009
New for 2009
A ranking system
Parents and coaches always asked us to run more of this competition which up to now was only once a year. So we have responded to demand and we now run this event four times a year. Each time fencers will get points and this accumulates to an annual overall ranking.
Cash for points prizes
There are cash prizes at the end of the year for 1st placed fencers. We know that fencing costs money and that expenses mount up if you are trying to make your way to the top. So we have introduced substantial cash prizes for the top three places on the annual ranking for each category. So there is up to a total of £2,000 to be won plus some fantastic prizes.
Join more than one age group
Because we run the three age groups one after the other, this allows for an U12 to compete in the U14 to get some experience and then join the U12 and produce his or her best. An under 10 can do the same. They can join the U12 to get warmed up and get some experience and then be fully ready to join the U10. However U10 may not take part in U14 event. When choosing to do two events, parents and the coaches have two things to consider:
1) Does their fencer have enough stamina to last two events.
2) Are they developed enough to take harder hits from older fencers.
(C) The fencing Academy