Academy Cup
Dates 2015
> Sun 25 Jan (Spring)
> Sun 28 Jun (Summer)
> Sun 18 Oct (Autumn)
> Sun 20 Dec (Winter)
Check in Close
> U12 09:30
> U14 13:30
> U10 15:30
Seymour Leisure Centre
Seymour Place, W1H 5TJ,
+44 20 77238019
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> Boys Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
> Girls Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
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Dates 2010
> Sunday 27 March
> Sunday 22 May
> Sunday 03 July
> Sunday 06 November
Seymour Leisure Centre
Seymour Place, London, W1H 5TJ,
+44 20 77238019
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> U13 Youth
> Over 13 Novice
> Over 13 Intermediate
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Time Table

Check in (09:30), Finish (06:30)

The Youth League Team (U13 & U15)
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Fun & Experience
Last year we tested this format and it created a fun team competition for all fencers. It was enjoyable and ensured fencing all day. This is why we are launching this as a full league this year.

Team match format for U13
This is for children under the age of 13 who will have a great day of fencing in a team format competition. The emphasis is on fun.

No need to register a team
You register for this as individual fencers or of course as a group booking. On the day, teams of three will be made up randomly. Individual scores from the team matches will be used to rank the fencers. Therefore, it does not matter what team you are on, you will be collecting points for your club, even if there is only one of you from that club.

Each of the four rounds will be its own individual competition. At the end of the day of each round, individual results will be calculated based on total hits for and hits against and fencers will be ranked accordingly. The results of the top three fencers from each club will be added up. The club with the highest ranking will win.

Finals and overall winners
There will be no finals day. At the end of the year the results from all four competitions will be added up to determine the overall ranking for the clubs. The winners will be announced and medals will be issued.

£10 per fencer per event

1. For Fencers born in 1998, 1999, 2000.
2. Size three or smaller blades should be used.
3. Teams will be mixed boys & girls.

1. This is a team foil competition of 3 accumulative hits to a total of 27 hits.
2. Fencers sign up individually with the name of their club and accumulate their individual score.
3. Each round is individual and teams will be drawn by lots randomly in the morning before the start of each round.
4. Ranking = Hits against / hits for
5. Order of Fencers on each team for each match will be determined by draw of lots.

1. There will be a medal for the best performance of the top three fencers with Gold, Silver & Bronze medals awarded.

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