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> Sun 28 Jun (Summer)
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> U12 09:30
> U14 13:30
> U10 15:30
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> Boys Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
> Girls Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
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Report 2005

2005 was a good year. The quality of fencing was high and we had the largest number of girls taking part so far. That I was pleased with.

The two semi finals of the boys was won 8-10 & 9-10. Luke Deamer beating Ben Saunders and Esessien Esssien beat Ben Middleton. All so very close. The finals was no less exciting. The score went to 9-9 before Luke finally managed to overcome Esessien.

In the girls semifinals Teresa Norejko from Llandovery College had the job of beating seed no.2 from The Academy Chloe McClay. She managed that with a uphill struggle all the way to the last hit to win 10-9. In the other semifinal Clara Tanner could not match the speed of Virginia Ambrosio of the Academy. The last won with a comfortable 10-5 score. Virginia Still had plenty to give against Teresa in the finals. Teresa just out of a 10-9 fight could not put up any fight against Virginia who took revenge for her team mate chloe winning 10-2.

Eight medals were on offer Below is the medals table according to club gains:


As you can see even on club level there was a strong challenge to the medals. The organisation of the day went all too well. The only hitch that could be reported was from security alarm test.

The event started 9:45 and the finals was at 3:00pm. Many thanks to the scores of helpers, parents and referees. The event went ever so smoothly because of their dedication and professional conduct. I am confident that 2006 will even be a bigger challenge and will bring more children over.

Aladdin Sadiq

The fencers and the scorers and the referrees
Getting ready for the finals

< >
Am I going to get the trophy or the chocolate?!!!

Parents helping keep the score in an offical capacity.

< Left and Below
Virginia Ambrosio & Luke Deamer showing off their silver wear.

The boy medalists

The girl medalists



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