Academy Cup
Dates 2015
> Sun 25 Jan (Spring)
> Sun 28 Jun (Summer)
> Sun 18 Oct (Autumn)
> Sun 20 Dec (Winter)
Check in Close
> U12 09:30
> U14 13:30
> U10 15:30
Seymour Leisure Centre
Seymour Place, W1H 5TJ,
+44 20 77238019
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> Boys Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
> Girls Foil (U14), (U12), (U10)
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2013 : The Format, Ranking & Prizes


This page is under construction. It is beeing updated.


1. Timetable
a) U14: Check in close (13:30pm), Finish (18:30pm)
b) U12: Check in close (09:30am), Finish (14:30pm)
c) U10: Check in close (14:30pm), Finish (18:30pm)
2. The Rounds

a) There will be a new combined system of two rounds of poules.
b) All will be fencing to 5 hits with 3 min. time limit.
c) In the rounds boys and girls will be fencing mixed.
d) Poule Round will be seeded from the ranking list and separation by club.
e) Everyone will be promoted to DE.

3. The Direct Elimination (DE)
a) Seeding to the DE will be from second round only or the new combined rounds system.
b) From DE, the competition will separate boys and girls.
c) In U14 everyone will be promoted to DE with normal tableau (without repechage) all the way to finals.
d) In U12 and U10, we have a new multi-DE system. The top 8 will be promoted to a first group of DE. The other fencers will be split into groups of 6 and will fence incomplete tableaux of 8 within their group which will determine their final placing.
d) The Hits & Time limits: U10 (7 hits, 1x3mins), U12 (10 hits, 2x2mins), U14 (15 hits, 3x3mins)
4. Prizes & Badges

a) Every fencer will receive a placing badge.
b) Prizes are awarded at the end of the year according to ranking points.

5. Medals
a) Gold= 1st place, Silver= 2nd place, Bronze= two equal 3rd places
6. Ranking Points
a) Number of fencer points: Every fencer will receive one point for every fencer that is seeded below them. Equal third will have equal points as 3rd place.
b) Points for Poule Seeding: In the multi DE system, fencers will receive 2 points for every group below them. Ie.
> After the poules, the boys and girls will be separated and seeded into the DE.
> The fencers will be grouped top 8, then 6, 6, 6...
> The last group will receive 2 points, the next group up will receive 4 points each, the following group will receive 6 points each and so on.
Note 1: This means the more fencers in the competition the more possibility of points. So large attending events and small attending events will not carry the same number of points.
7. Award Ceremony Prizes
At the end of the year, fencers will be invited to a special awards ceremony to attend in person to claim the following prizes:
a) U14: Cash prize for 1st 2nd and 3rd places, points = cash.
b) U12: Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, points = cash/2
c) U10: Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, points = cash/3
d) 1st place winners will also get a selection of prizes to chose from and an extra £25 for travelling.
e) The selection of prizes will be offered to 1st place winners in the following order:
> Girls U14, Boys U14, Girls U12, Boys U12, Girls U10, Boys U10.
f) 1st place winners will be presented with a small replica trophy to keep with their names engraved on it and the big trophy with their names engraved on it to take pictures with.
g) If more than one fencer shares any of the prize winning positions, then the cash prize will be divided between them equally.
(C) The fencing Academy